Yamil Cobo

Career Launch Coordinator


Yamil joined ReadyCT to help Student 5.0 participants advocate for their goals and passions, whether that be through continuing education or transitioning to the workforce. 

As a former educator and a graduate of Bridgeport Public Schools, Yamil has seen up close the inequity that students face every day. Originally from Bronx, NY, Yamil did not originally envision a career in education. Nevertheless, he knew he was passionate about helping people, and that led him to nonprofit work where he has focused on ending inequity in public education.

Prior to ReadyCT, Yamil was a middle school math teacher. He has brought his four years of experience in the classroom to his role with ReadyCT, helping students in a different capacity – very aligned with his core values and the ReadyCT mission. As part of the ReadyCT Student 5.0 program, Yamil thoroughly enjoys helping students on a daily basis and seeing how students are impacted by his efforts. 

Yamil holds a BA in psychology from Fairfield University (honors program) with minors in sociology and communications. Yamil plans on attending law school in the future. 

He currently lives in Chicopee, MA with his fiance and his dog Zeus. Outside of ReadyCT, Yamil enjoys being a content creator on YouTube, playing basketball, watching the NBA, and collecting sneakers. He is currently studying to become a real estate agent in MA/CT. 


“The best part about education is that it’s never-ending; you can learn something new at any age. Knowledge is power, and in a world of infinite knowledge at our fingertips, we have a duty to share our knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals and discover their passions. ReadyCT allows me to be my true authentic self and guide young adults into a path that sparks passion and excitement. And one day, these students may be the ones sharing their knowledge with our future sons and daughters.”