Susan Auchincloss

Computer Science Project Specialist

Susan brings to the work a wealth of experience in corporate and nonprofit settings. Combined, her background fuels her passion for meaningful change in education. She spent her early career in the pharmaceutical industry and later worked in the nonprofit sector for various organizations (environment and education). Susan became a certified science teacher and has worked on three National Science Foundation grants focused on student innovation and achievement.

Susan lives in Litchfield with her husband and often travels west to visit her grown children.  A life-long learner, she picked up the guitar as an “empty nester” and is an avid gardener and yogi.

“Education should not be limited to the classroom, and I strongly believe students need to explore educational connections outside of school. That is why I remain focused on making sure our students receive relevant learning but also have access to high-quality traditional academics. I welcome the opportunity to connect with organizations willing to work together in our communities for a bright future for Connecticut’s children.“