Student 5.0 for Class of ’20 Graduates

Successful Participants Receive a $200 Prepaid Debit Card

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Planning for a future during a crisis is hard for anyone, let alone students graduating from high school. 

PLEASE NOTE: Student 5.0 has placed program enrollment on hiatus; however, plans are underway to reopen enrollment. Please complete this brief form so that we can contact you with enrollment process updates.

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools in March 2020, many high school seniors were left stranded. With schools shuttered, students lost direct access to teachers and school counselors who typically help students figure out what comes next. As a result, many students now find themselves very uncertain about life after graduation.

Still, there is a future out there, and Student 5.0 will help Class of ’20 grads define theirs.

Through this entirely virtual program, Student 5.0 participants will be:

  • guided through college and career planning;
  • provided with technical assistance related to the college application and financial aid (FAFSA) process;
  • inspired by a dedicated peer mentor; and
  • engaged in online courses that build skills necessary for success in life, including personal finance, team building, communication, career building, and Microsoft Office — with access to online learning available through May 2021 

Eligibility: Class of ’20 Connecticut public high school graduates who either (1) have not started the college application process, or (2) have started but not finished the college application process and have some loose ends, including financial aid forms/FAFSA, or (3) have finished the application process but could benefit from pre-college/career support.`

The program is offered in Spanish. Follow this link to view a Student 5.0 program flyer in Spanish.

Space is limited. Apply today! Note: Priority will be given to Class of ’20 graduates from Alliance District high schools.

Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

More details can be found here. Participants successfully completing Student 5.0 will receive a $200 prepaid


Student 5.0 is made possible through the support of 4-CT, a private 501(c)(3) organization created to support efforts addressing the impact of COVID-19 in Connecticut.

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