Student 5.0 for High School Graduates

There's a future out there. What will yours be?



Now, it’s the Class of ’22 high school grads who are thinking about their futures.


And, there’s a lot to be thinking about.

What will happen next?

  • College? 2-year? 4-year?
  • Straight to career?
  • Apprenticeship?
  • Military?
  • Something else?

If you (or someone you know) would like help figuring this out, Student 5.0 is a no-cost peer mentor program to plan what comes next.

Student 5.0 program participants decide and plan for what comes next based on what they want to do — their skills, their interests, and their aspirations. No one tells a Student 5.0 program participant what their future should be.

For recent high school graduates who are uncertain about their post-high school future, this all-virtual program can be a big help.

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How will Student 5.0 work for you? 

The Student 5.0 program creates a student-peer mentor partnership. Together, you develop a plan, and based on that plan your peer mentor guides and supports you through:

    • career research
    • college/training program enrollment
    • financial aid forms
    • job interview readiness
    • resume writing
    • personal budgeting
    • and more, including an opportunity to earn a $200 e-gift card

    Special Note: Once the plan is created, peer mentors remain connected with Student 5.0 participants to support participants and better ensure that the plan is successfully executed!

    Student 5.0 peer mentors often have shared experiences and backgrounds with the students they support. Most peer mentors are in college or beginning their careers. They successfully broke through barriers to access resources that support their goals — and they’ll help you do that, too. Note: bilingual Spanish-English and Albanian-English peer mentors are available. 

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