Student 5.0 for High School Seniors

There’s a future out there. What will yours be?

Class of ’24 high school grads are thinking about their futures. And, there’s a lot to be thinking about.

What will happen next?

  • Straight to career? What career?
  • What learning and skills are needed?
  • Is college necessary? 2-year program? 4-year?
  • Apprenticeship?
  • Military?
  • Something else?

If you (or someone you know) would like help figuring this out, Student 5.0 is a no-cost program that can help.

Student 5.0 program participants decide and plan for what comes next based on what they want to do — their skills, their interests, and their aspirations. Student 5.0 program participants aren’t told what their futures will be. They design them!

Class of '24 Students: GET STARTED HERE

Student 5.0 is a career launch program that can help you with:

  • career research
  • college/training program enrollment
  • financial aid forms
  • job interview readiness
  • resume writing
  • personal budgeting
  • and more, including an opportunity to earn up to $100 in gift cards


The Career Launch Coordinator Workshop Experience


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For Employers

Your talent acquisition strategy should include STUDENT 5.0

Diversify & Elevate Your Workforce with STUDENT 5.0


This project is being supported by federal award number SLFRP0128 awarded to the State of Connecticut by The Department of the Treasury.