Silvia Nuñez

Career Launch Coordinator

Silvia joined ReadyCT and the Student 5.0 team so that all participants can become fierce self advocates and successfully springboard into successful careers. She is particularly eager to support students who lack exposure and resources, and she is excited to join a mission-based organization that tangibly impacts participants’ lives.

Silvia graduated from Trinity College with a degree in American studies. During her time in college, she took community engagement very seriously and served in different capacities to establish relationships between the college and Hartford community members. She founded events relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and she worked closely with different offices across the campus to create a more safe and inclusive environment for all. 

Silvia’s professional experience includes working as a part-time paralegal translating for Spanish-speaking clients, teaching website design to Hartford-area elementary school students, working in sales.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, she is a New York Posse Scholar. Today, Silvia is interested in law, investing, real estate, and understanding how the built environment shapes our lived realities. 

She believes in the power of introspection, empathy, listening to understand, and acknowledging that progress is not linear. Outside of ReadyCT, Silvia enjoys reading, traveling, all things nature and outdoors, writing, doing spoken word, dancing, and theater. She is a foodie and an aspiring plant mom. 


“The education system by design is not equitable for students across socioeconomic backgrounds, with a plethora of outside factors determining who gets access to what. Therefore, it is imperative that in rethinking what equitable education and access look like, we think creatively, place students at the center, and work collaboratively for their advancement and development. Anything that is constructed, can be deconstructed.”