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Thank you to all PELabs supporters, including key partners:

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What is PELabs? PELabs is a work-based learning program for high school students, many of whom are in the early stages of career exploration.

The PELabs program provides a workplace that inspires creativity, entrepreneurialism, and professionalism — student interns work on projects of high value to a business while also developing critical skills that prepare them for their future careers.

Products and services developed by PELabs student interns lean into the STEM fields. Along the way, learning also includes career and life skills, how to develop a network, and how to create a professional portfolio.

How does PELabs work?

  • PELabs takes real business projects from real businesses and assigns them to an entrepreneurial team of student interns whose goal is to develop the product or service for their client. The program offers a true end-to-end business experience.
  • PELabs is a paid internship experience for student interns. The income element helps demonstrate the value of work product.
  • PELabs business areas include:
    • advanced manufacturing
    • cybersecurity
    • digital media
    • graphic design
    • information technology
    • insurance/finance
    • social media
    • web design
      • Reviews of PELabs interns are overwhelmingly positive. 

        From Alex Martinez, Data Analyst, Technology Leadership Development Program Participant, Travelers Insurance: 

        I was consistently impressed with the students’ eagerness to learn about cutting-edge technologies, as well as their professionalism. The PELabs interns working on the Travelers Alexa Skill project showed high levels of engagement in understanding how companies like Travelers use AI and voice technology, and they developed a proof-of-concept Alexa Skill for Travelers employees to use. At Travelers, we can’t wait to work with more PELabs students to see what new ideas they have for us!”

Fast Facts from PELabs

Number of Participants: 105, grades 9 through 12 (Summer 2020 & Winter/Spring 2021)

Theme: Entrepreneurship

ObjectiveTo provide a workplace that inspires creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, and professional development 

Graduate Outcomes: For the Class of ‘21, 36 PELabs students graduated and enrolled in college, and 3 secured employment/apprenticeship opportunities

Opportunity: All PELabs student interns receive an Emerging Entrepreneur credential

Other: Three PELabs staff members started their own business while in high school

A Note About Internships: Paid internship experiences are made possible through the generous support of Travelers. 


Remarks from Program Participants

Adriana Etienne

PELabs Summer Intern 2019 & 2020; Pathways Academy Class of ’21

Anthony Washington

PELabs Summer Intern 2020; Pathways Academy Class of ’22

Partnership Acknowledgement

We remain grateful to Hartford Public Schools for their partnership with this effort. We also thank the Travelers Foundation, the charitable arm of Travelers, for providing the resources necessary to make this inspired learning pathway a true opportunity for hundreds of public school students in Hartford.