Kevin F. Flynn

Career Pathway Program Manager, Information Technology, Pathways Academy

Kevin comes to ReadyCT in a role he has had for several years: career pathway program manager for Pathways Academy of Technology & Design in East Hartford, CT. At Pathways, Kevin leads and coordinates an information technology learning pathway based on the NAF model, serving as the driving force that prepares students for a wealth of opportunities, including internships. 

Previously, Kevin worked for Hartford Public Schools as a college career specialist. That work included preparing middle school students for the transition to high school. In his current role, Kevin draws on 13 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, covering a range of roles. Whether working as a dispatcher, telephone troubleshooter, customer service rep, or sales/team leader, Kevin was deemed the “go to” person to train and develop colleagues. 

Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in education (mental health counseling focus). He is currently providing counseling services with an area practice and also volunteers at a residential substance abuse rehabilitation home where he provides individual and group counseling to individuals who are in recovery.

Kevin is a vocalist, actor, and world traveler. He lives in East Hartford with his wife and three daughters.

My interest in this work focuses on placing students first. The top priority is always working to help the students discover their niche, and that’s because we know that if a person enjoys what they are doing they will be their most effective self.”