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ReadyCT is supporting the Weaver High School Journalism & Media Pathway (WHS J&M) — a focused community igniting students’ passion for learning!


Video Produced by the WHS J&M Students on their Experience Covering the Hartford Marathon


This pathway offers specialized journalism and media instruction informed by an industry advisory board that serves as an essential bridge between school and the workplace.

The WHS J&M pathway will give students training and experience on how to plan, create, edit, and produce media content on par with Journalistic & Media conventions. Students will also practice classroom learning through workshops and work opportunities such as job shadows and paid/unpaid internships. Students will gain lifetime knowledge, skills, and experience for any career.

The pathway experience will prepare students for work-based learning opportunities during high school, career, college, and long-term success!

WHS J&M students are excellent. As the school year goes on, be sure to check back to hear from these students.

If you are interested in learning more about the J&M pathway including internships or related work-based learning opportunities, contact Oshane Thorpe at

FAST FACTS From the WHS Journalism & Media Pathway

Number of Participants: 90 students, grades 10 through 12

Theme: Journalism and Media, Digital Media, News Production, Sound Design, Media Management, Communications, Visual Design, and Digital Storytelling

Opportunity: Every J&M student has the opportunity to graduate from high school with a suite of industry-recognized credentials that include Adobe Creative Suite and Canva. Throughout the program, students will have a plethora of hands-on experience to create media for a plethora of events and individuals that mirror the expectations in the real world of a media professional

Other: WHS J&M students have the opportunity for dual enrollment, i.e., earning college credit through coursework during high school.

A Note About Internships: All pathway students are eligible to pursue work-based learning experiences that include job shadowing, worksite tours, volunteering, and paid/unpaid internships.

Partnership Acknowledgement

We remain grateful to Hartford Public Schools for their partnership with this effort.