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Advancing Academic Excellence & Career-Connected Learning

ReadyCT designs programming in support of its mission and to further education legislation. This requires a range of efforts — from statewide professional development for teachers and administrators (e.g., best practices conferences) to deep, in-school programming.

Regarding the latter, today ReadyCT is supporting the Hartford Public High School Engineering and Green Technology Pathway — a STEM-focused learning opportunity made possible by support from the Gawlicki Family Foundation and Raytheon Technologies. This year-round program teaches employability skills (including time management, team commitment, work ethic, and communication skills), how to use Microsoft Office, financial literacy, and business writing so that each student is well prepared for a paid summer internship.

The students on this pathway are stellar. See for yourself. Scroll down to meet a few of them! 

If you are interested in hosting an intern on this pathway, please contact Internship Coordinator Betsy Caraballo at

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Employers and students alike deliver overwhelmingly positive reviews.

From Tiffany R. Garcia, Associate Title VI Coordinator at the CT Department of Transportation:

Having Diego as an intern was a pleasure. He worked on a project to make our public outreach efforts much more efficient to the benefit of the department and the communities we serve. Diego translated documents that help satisfy federal requirements for providing language assistance, and he has positively contributed to the overall energy of the office with his enthusiasm, motivation, and positive attitude.

As for the impact of the program on the students:

See and hear for yourself from the students below

ABBIGALE WHITMORE, Graduate, Class of ’19

Hartford Public High School

Participated in three summer work-based learning experiences; is currently pursuing a degree at Manchester Community College.

What Impact Has Your Internship Had On You?

SAMUEL MARIN, Class of ’21

Hartford Public High School

Aims to study aerospace at MIT; benefited greatly from interning at UTC in preparation for the merger with Raytheon; will ultimately pursue a career with Raytheon.


Hartford Public High School

Aims to study nursing at UCONN; designed and delivered a culminating presentation to her team to rave reviews.


KEVIN SOMWARU, Class of ’21

Hartford Public High School

Aims to study engineering at UCONN; was designated a team leader during his second summer internship.

Partnership Acknowledgement

We remain grateful to Hartford Public High School for their partnership with this effort. We offer continued thanks to Raytheon Technologies and the Gawlicki Family Foundation who provide the resources necessary to make this learning pathway a true opportunity for hundreds of public school students in Hartford.