The Academy of Health and Sciences at New Britain High School

Career Pathways

Advancing Academic Excellence & Career-Connected Learning

Thank you to all New Britain High School Academy of Academy of Health and Sciences supporters, including key partners:

With special recognition to the expertise and commitment of the AOHS teaching staff and faculty — offering students nearly 60 years of combined classroom experience! 

ReadyCT is supporting the New Britain High School Academy of Health and Sciences (NBHS AOHS) — a STEM-focused community igniting students’ passion for learning!

Based on the NAF educational design model, this pathway offers themed health sciences instruction informed by an advisory board that serves as an essential bridge between school and the workplace.

As part of the Academy of Health & Sciences, students will receive ongoing instructions in work readiness in an effort to help them develop employability skills (e.g., time management, teamwork, work ethic, and communication skills). The curriculum also offers students the opportunity to develop their professional and personal brand, while preparing them for mock interviews, informational interviews, and industry specific employment opportunities.

The academy experience not only prepares students for work-based learning opportunities during high school, but strives to assist students in developing a well-informed postsecondary academic/career plan!

NBHS students are superstars! Be sure to check back to hear from these students as the school year progresses.

If you are interested in learning more about the NBHS AOHS including offering internships or related work-based learning (WBL) opportunities, contact

Student Voices

NBHS students share their experiences with ReadyCT’s iPASS, the internship Prep After School Series

A note of appreciation to the following organizations for their interest and/or past participation in the work-based learning experiences at New Britain High School.

Fast Facts from the Academy of Health and Sciences

  • Number of Participants for the Inaugural Year: 300+, grades 9 through 12. Students must attain 3 credits to be an Academy of Health and Sciences Graduate.
    • NBHS ’22 included 40 students graduated from the Academy of Health & Sciences and 40 students from the Certified Nursing Assistant in 2022.
  • Theme: The Academy of Health and Sciences contains three pathways: Biomedical Science (Honors), Healthcare Science, and Certified Nursing Assistant.
  • Opportunity: AOHS students have the opportunity to earn the following industry-recognized credentials, including First Aid/CPR/AED, Stop The Bleed, and Certified Nurse Assistant
  • Other: ReadyCT’s work-based learning coordinator, whose office is in the building, facilitates an eight-week work-readiness course designed to prepare students for an internship placement; participation in iPASS is available to all NBHS academy students
  • A Note About Work-Based Learning Opportunities: ReadyCT is committed to supporting all career readiness programming at NBHS, with a focus on the two academies themed on business and health services. 

Student Voices

Rachael Amaya, Class of ’24

New Britain High School

Rachel completed an internship at the Hospital of Central Connecticut in the summer of ’22.

“My experience with the Academy of Health & Science has been very fun. This is my second year and the more I participate, the more I begin to love the healthcare field.”

Partnership Acknowledgement

We remain grateful to the Consolidated School District of New Britain for their partnership with this effort.