Colin Scinto

Career Launch Coordinator

Colin joined ReadyCT in 2023, bringing to the work a passion for helping young adults develop skills to become the best versions of themselves. He believes teaching with tact, determination, and empathy is crucial to providing program participants with a solid educational experience. 

Among many things, Colin looks forward to engaging with the program participants and connecting their interests to tangible workforce opportunities. His goal is to be a practical and effective resource for students, leveraging his education and experience to enrich Connecticut’s youth.

Colin was born and raised in Bristol, CT. He holds a B.S. in human resources management from Quinnipiac University. In college, he had the pleasure of serving as a resident assistant, mentoring and developing college freshmen as they found their path. During his educational career, he developed an interest in adult learning, cultivated during his work with Learning Dynamics – a training firm that supports workforce training for organizations around Connecticut including WIC, Torrington Bank, and the city of New Haven.

In his free time, Colin enjoys reading science fiction, journaling, and hiking. He is also dedicated to continual self-improvement and adding more skills to his toolbox, whether that be from friends, family, or work experiences.

“I seek to both preserve students’ natural curiosity in their career paths and to support students in their professional and personal development.”