CJ Gamez

Career Pathway Program Manager


CJ joined ReadyCT in 2022 to support young students in marginalized communities. As a first-generation student and professional, CJ strives to be a mentor for students in the BIPOC community as they navigate both their educational and career exploration journeys. He strives to create a student-centered environment that encourages learning and empowers students to develop as leaders in their communities.

Prior to ReadyCT, CJ spent nine years working for educational nonprofits with a range of objectives, including six years in a leadership role managing federally-funded programs to support marginalized communities in rural California.

CJ received his BA in communication studies from San José State University in 2016; he is currently finishing his MBA at Santa Clara University. 

CJ grew up in Oakland, CA  and Atlanta, GA. He currently resides in Hartford, CT. An avid sports fan, CJ loves the San Francisco Giants, the San Francisco 49ers, and the Orlando Magic. His hobbies include hiking, going on long drives, listening to music, binge watching TV shows, and anime.

My goal is to educate, inspire, and empower all members of our community to take control of their educational and career choices.