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Career-Connected Learning at HPHS

Classroom Learning + Career Opportunity = YOUR Future.

At HPHS, you can follow a learning pathway that sets you up for a future in a high-growth/high-demand industry.

Stop in the library — first room on the right! — and talk with a ReadyCT team member about enrolling. Miss Gloria and Miss Betsy look forward to speaking with you.

The experience will:

  • offer you an opportunity for a paid internship
  • introduce you to the types of jobs you can have
  • help you build a compelling resume for college and job applications
    and more!

There are employers across the state — including right here in Hartford — who can’t wait to meet you

In a career pathway, you will see very quickly just how valuable you are to the Connecticut business community. More specifics on these career-themed pathways can be found here:

All career-themed learning pathways supported by ReadyCT are based on the NAF learning model.

What is ReadyCT?

ReadyCT is a nonprofit organization that wants every student to be successful. To make that happen, ReadyCT works in many places — including right in HPHS — in ways that offer exciting and modern learning opportunities to students. That includes bringing business people to the school, and the students to the workplace!

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