Career-Connected Learning: Employer Options

Engaging with students can be as unique and innovative as your organization — and grow over time.

By developing a strategy that aligns workforce needs with career-connected learning programs, businesses can begin to build high-quality talent pipelines that support a thriving business environment.

An effective approach will consider capacity: the resources a business has readily available to engage with the education community. Once determined, a range of engagement options is available that have impact on both the business and the students!  

In some areas in Connecticut, businesses can connect with schools that host career-themed pathways that align with their industry. From the business perspective, these career-themed pathway programs are ideal partners; school personnel are familiar with how to build and grow the business-education connection, starting at any level of engagement.

All career-themed learning pathways supported by ReadyCT are based on the NAF learning model.

Career-Themed Pathways

Define capacity. Be strategic. Grow.

Create the talent pipelines you need.

Well developed connections often start with the smallest of steps. Engaging with schools and students can begin with low-stakes efforts that result in business-education collaborations offering businesses top talent and students the opportunity to thrive.

Employers tell us

Having employees work directly with students as the students prepare to enter the workforce is often part of an overall corporate social responsibility strategy — as well as a workforce strategy.

Short-Term Employee Engagements (In-person or Virtual)

  • Guest Speaker – Speak to a class about your industry, company, available career paths, and personal journey to success
  • Worksite Tour – Host a group of students for part of the day in your workplace to expose them to the business environment
  • Educator Worksite Tour – Host a teacher or small group of teachers for part of the day in your workplace
  • Career Fair – Speak to students about your industry, company, and career paths during a school or community event
  • Informational Interview – Speak to a student in person, on the phone, or video conference to answer questions about your industry, company, personal journey to success, and the education and/or training required for available careers
  • Job Shadow – Host a student or group of students at your worksite for a half or full day to expose them to the core competencies and careers in your organization
  • Mock Interview – Conduct a simulated professional job interview
  • Mentor – Mentor students by providing guidance, motivation, role modeling, career exploration, setting goals, and developing networking skills needed for college and career 
  • Tutor – Provide academic tutoring after school (subjects may include math, science, writing, etc.) 

Employers tell us

Among other reasons, employers create internship programs to offer their emerging young leaders an opportunity to develop management and leadership skills.

Long-Term Employee Engagements

  • Capstone Project Mentor – Provide industry expertise during a classroom project
  • Internship – Host a high quality paid intern for at least 120 hours (after school or summer)
  • Educator Externship – Host an educator in your workplace for an extended amount of time over the summer
  • Join an Advisory Board – Comprised of business, post-secondary, and civic partners, advisory board members tap into their networks to bring leadership, skills, work-based learning opportunities, and resources to students. Advisory board membership is the most comprehensive ongoing way to contribute to a NAF academy.

Employers tell us

Pathway sponsorship is a rewarding and strategic investment, allowing employees to help students develop the skills they will need to be successfully while simultaneously giving leadership a direct say in what skills and aptitudes are taught to the students.

Long-Term Organizational Engagement

  • Fund a NAF Pathway – This is an opportunity for employers to sponsor a NAF career-themed learning pathway on an annual basis solely or in partnership with  another party  or organization.

(If you are interested please contact ReadyCT Executive Director to explore this exciting opportunity.)

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