Brittany Dobson

Career Development Coordinator

Brittany joins ReadyCT with over 10 years of experience working with diverse groups of students of all ages. She brings to her work a passion for helping students make informed decisions about their futures, aiming to be a warm, inclusive, and uplifting support for students and their families.

Before joining the team, she served as a senior learning specialist for college students with disabilities in New York, helping them to develop executive functioning and study skills. Prior to that, Brittany worked as a wellness counselor for young adults seeking mental health care, connecting them with local mental health providers and facilitating support groups focused on wellness and executive functioning.

Upon receiving her bachelor’s in psychology, Brittany worked as a preschool teacher. She has also served as a direct support professional for students with autism spectrum disorder. While employed, she earned her master’s in education and school counseling together with an advanced certificate in crisis management. 

Outside of ReadyCT, Brittany enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, and caring for her plants.

“I believe in building a strong future for our youth. I aim to help students make informed decisions about what they will do next while helping to bridge the gap between education and career opportunities.”