Beth Dionne

Data & Research Associate

Beth is a devoted advocate with a strong belief in the power of equitable opportunities for all individuals so that everyone can reach their full potential. She brings to her work with ReadyCT a comprehensive understanding of social dynamics and effective strategies for supporting youth and helping them thrive.

Beth strongly believes that the strength of communities relies upon the resources and opportunities of every individual to succeed. She is experienced in working in the communities in at-home services with families where she has successfully spearheaded initiatives to increase program utilization and establish valuable partnerships with stakeholders, working towards bridging the opportunity gap.

As a skilled data analyst, Beth understands the importance of data accuracy and analysis in driving informed decision-making; however, her interests extend beyond the workplace. Beth is deeply committed to sustainable farming practices and increased food access for our communities. She actively volunteers at food share farms, dedicating her time to cultivating nutritious produce and supporting initiatives that address food insecurity.She takes every opportunity to share information about native and invasive edible plants and gardening, empowering individuals with the knowledge to grow their own food and foster a sustainable relationship with the environment.

With her unwavering dedication to empowering individuals and communities, Beth is determined to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable families. She strives to contribute to the collective growth and well-being of our society by bridging gaps between food access, education, and community engagement.

Beth holds a master’s degree in public administration and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Post University. Beth lives with her two children. Outside of ReadyCT, she enjoys hiking, foraging, and gardening.

“Equipping our youth with the knowledge and skills to thrive in their careers and in their lives is just one of the many ways we can build a stronger community and future for us all.”