Anthony Carter

Career Development Specialist

Anthony joined ReadyCT to encourage youth to explore careers and multiple opportunities to create uplifting visions for their personal and professional lives. His focus is supporting students as they develop essential skills to thrive in the 21st century. His hope is that students understand the power of financial literacy and long-term goal planning.

Anthony is a Detroit native and spent time living in Japan, Harlem, Brooklyn, and Long Beach, CA. His travels have provided opportunities to teach drama, tour the country in Beauty and the Beast, and create life coaching programs for homeless individuals.

His teaching experience has been vast and international. In the early ‘90s he taught English in Japan to mentally challenged adults while working in organic tea gardens. In Brooklyn, he taught talented and gifted fourth graders in the Bronx during the day and performed dinner theater in the evening. He relocated to the west coast and used film and science fiction to teach English and critical thinking at an alternative high school in Compton, CA. 

Anthony is a grandfather of nine, an artist, and a thinker. He has written, produced, and directed multiple documentaries. He has published seven books and runs a production company which produces a three year old podcast since 2020, dedicated to highlighting people who are committed to having a positive impact on humanity and telling stories that transform the planet.

“During my lifetime, I have been lucky enough to find great mentors who gently guided me towards success and lovingly reprimanded me when I wandered off our agreed upon path. I have also witnessed the life path some people take when certain opportunities are not shared. Whether teaching multiplication tables to grandchildren or advising siblings on graduate study options, all youth should experience a compassionate mentor. It is my goal to see all youth develop a belief in their dreams together with the courage to follow them.”