Ama Karikari

Career Launch Coordinator

Ama joined ReadyCT to support the expansion of equal opportunity and access within Connecticut’s public school system. As a career launch coordinator for the Student 5.0 program, she aims to equip students with the confidence, resources, and connections they need to actualize their dreams for post-graduate success.

Ama is a first-generation Ghanaian American and a New York native. Her background as a first-gen student to immigrant parents inspired her love for education and advocacy; she seeks to bring that passion to all her work. While attending the University of Connecticut, she served as a teaching assistant and mentor for the university’s Preparing African American Students to Sustain Success (P.A.2.S.S.) program, serving as a liaison to campus resources, services, and opportunities to promote academic excellence within her student cohort. Additionally, she was a student leader and representative for the H. Fred Simons African American Cultural Center as well as serving as an administrator for the cultural center, where she worked to promote and celebrate the voice of black students and students of color.  

Ama holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the University of Connecticut and plans to use it to further her passion for advocacy. When she’s not out trying to save the world, she enjoys singing, writing music and poetry, and drawing portraits of her friends and loved ones.  

“I do this work because I want every student to know that no dream is ever too large or too unobtainable no matter their background. I want every student to know that each day is a new opportunity for them to be better than yesterday – and better for tomorrow.”