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Thank you to all HPHS Allied Health pathway supporters, including key partners:



ReadyCT is supporting the Hartford Public High School Allied Health (HPHS AH) pathway — a STEM-focused community igniting students’ passion for learning!

Video: Student Rodrigo Fabian Discusses His Interest in the AH Pathway at the 7.21.21 Press Conference

Based on the NAF educational design model, this pathway offers themed health sciences instruction informed by an industry advisory board that serves as an essential bridge between school and the workplace.

Students who complete the full pathway will graduate high school with industry-recognized credentials earned in sequence:

  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician

Also, as part of the AH pathway, students receive year-round instruction in work readiness that helps them develop employability skills (e.g., time management, teamwork, work ethic, and communication skills). The curriculum also offers practical instruction in Microsoft Office, GSuite, financial literacy, and business writing. More details can be found here.

The pathway experience will prepare students for work-based learning opportunities during high school, for career, for college, and for their long-term success! 

Interested in Providing an Allied Health Internship? FOLLOW THIS LINK

HPHS students are stellar. Be sure to check back to hear from these students as the school year progresses.

FAST FACTS From the Allied Health Pathway

Number of Participants for the Inaugural Year: 34 sophomores enrolled as of July 2021 

Theme: Allied Health, with required courses that include Global Health, Health Career Explorations, and AP Biology

Opportunity: Every AH student has the opportunity to graduate from high school with a suite of industry-recognized credentials that includes First Aid/CPR/AED, Certified Nurse Assistant, and Patient Care Technician

OtherReadyCT is working to design the pathway so that students have the opportunity for dual enrollment, i.e., earning college credit through coursework during high school

A Note About Work-Based Learning Opportunities: All Allied Health pathway students are eligible to pursue work-based learning experiences that include job shadowing, worksite tours, volunteering, and paid/unpaid internships



The Student Experience

“For college and for my career, graduating high school with industry-recognized credentials will be a big help.”

— Rodrigo Fabian, HPHS AH student, pictured at left with ReadyCT AH NAF Program Manager Betsy Caraballo at the 7.21.21 press conference announcing the AH pathway addition at HPHS

RODRIGO FABIAN, Class of ’24

Hartford Public High School

Rodrigo spoke at the July 2021 kickoff event announcing the launch of the AH pathway. He plans on pursuing a career in healthcare; among other things, he is interested in preventative medicine/diagnostics and treatments that support speedy recovery.

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