The Allied Health Pathway at East Hartford High School

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Thank you to all EHHS Allied Health pathway supporters, including key partners:

ReadyCT is supporting the  East Hartford High School Allied Health Pathway (EHHS AH) — a STEM-focused community igniting students’ passion for learning!

Students enrolled in the pathway have the opportunity to graduate high school with one or more industry-recognized credentials, including:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant
  • First Aid/CPR/AED
  • OSHA-10 Healthcare
  • Stop The Bleed
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Human Trafficking

Also, as part of the EHHS AH pathway, students receive year-round instruction in work readiness that helps them develop employability skills (e.g., time management, teamwork, work ethic, and communication skills). The curriculum also offers practical instruction in Microsoft Office, Google Workspace, financial literacy, and business writing.

The pathway experience will prepare students for work-based learning opportunities during high school, for career, for college, and for their long-term success! 

EHHS students are stellar. Be sure to check back to hear from these students as the school year progresses.

If you are interested in learning more about the AH pathway including offering internships or related work-based learning opportunities, contact

Learn More about the ReadyCT ’22 Summer Programming below!

ReadyCT Summer Internship Program

ReadyCT Summer Programming ’22

Students from East Hartford High School (EHHS) were well represented in ReadyCT summer programming! Those programs offer students a range of experiences and aim to diversify as well as elevate the workforce and develop talent pipelines!

The summer programs were as follows:

  • The First Responders Youth Academy (FRYA)
  • Get Ready Immersive Traineeship (G.R.I.T.)
  • The CT High School PreApprenticeship Program (CTHSPA)
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Fast Facts from the Allied Health Pathway

  • Number of Participants: 252 students, grades 10 through 12. 
  • Theme: Allied Health with required courses that include Introduction to Public Health, Health Science and Technology, and Patient Care Technician.
  • Opportunity: Every AH student has the opportunity to graduate from high school with a suite of industry-recognized credentials that includes First Aid/CPR/AED, Certified Nurse Assistant, OSHA-10 Healthcare, Stop the Bleed, Suicide Prevention, and Human Trafficking.
  • Other: EHHS AH students have the opportunity for dual enrollment, i.e., earning college credit through coursework during high school.
  • A Note About Work-Based Learning Opportunities: All Allied Health pathway students are eligible to pursue work-based learning experiences that include job shadowing, worksite tours, volunteering, and paid/unpaid internship.

Student Voices

Gabrielle Hendricks, Class of ’23

East Hartford High School

Gabrielle earned her certification in CPR, First Aid, AED, and Stop The Bleed. She also completed her first G.R.I.T. internship in the summer of ’22.

“This program motivated me to be a pediatrician.”

Nashaly Rose, Class of ’23

East Hartford High School

Nashaly completed her first FRYA program in the summer of ’22.

“I never knew I wanted to become a police officer until I joined FRYA.”

Martin Fret, Class of ’23

East Hartford High School

Martin completed his first FRYA program in the summer of ’22.

“I love how dedicated the program staff and the firefighters and police officers were to us. That motivated me to come every day, on time, and enjoy everything throughout the summer.”

Jessicah Amponsah, Class of ’23

East Hartford High School

Jessicah completed her first FRYA program in the summer of ’22.

“This experience made me want to study to become a crime scene investigator or a forensic science technician.”

Coming Soon, Fall 2023

Be sure to check back to hear from these students as the school year progresses.

Public Service Pathway (PS)

The PS pathway will have two concentrations, that include education and public safety.

Technology, Engineering & Computer Science Pathway (TEC)

The TEC pathway will have two concentrations, that include computer graphics and manufacturing.

Partnership Acknowledgement

We remain grateful to East Hartford Public Schools, and the Town of East Hartford for their partnership with this effort.