Alessandro Rey Bermudez

NAF Program Manager

For 25 years, Rey (as most people know him) has worked as a youth and family practitioner and master teaching artist. Using his training, experience, and creative talents, Rey has had significant impact in the areas of prevention, intervention, education, and research in Hartford, Connecticut as well as nationwide. Before joining ReadyCT, Rey’s most recent work included serving as NAF coordinator for Weaver Culinary Arts Academy and as the director of business partnerships and development at High School, Inc. (both in Hartford, CT). In these roles, Rey has worked tirelessly to prepare students for postsecondary success by coordinating and implementing high-quality training and work-based learning experiences that include internships. Along the way, Rey has developed and managed multiple industry advisory boards and advanced innovative strategies that connect theory to practice.

Rey holds a bachelor’s degree from Springfield College and a master’s degree from Liberty University with a concentration in marriage and family studies. He holds a range of certifications with nationally recognized relational development initiatives.

Rey loves to dance and uses dance to help people of all ages build relational skills.  He also loves theater and studying the art of communication. Rey lives in Hartford, CT, and enjoys a beautiful blended family with his wife Glendaly and three children, Janeese, Gabe, and Max.

“I am a firm believer in exposure and opportunity. The more we are exposed to, the more we are able to see and the more inclined we are to take advantage of the multiple opportunities before us. It is my hope to continue creatively helping students navigate the various pathways to understanding purpose, attaining success, and making lasting contributions to their communities and the world as a whole, and maybe even teach them a dance step or two!”