As ReadyCT continues to advance career-connected learning, we continue to learn about interesting pockets of career-connected learning efforts happening across Connecticut.

Example: last June, the third graders at Silver Lane School in East Hartford, CT, were fortunate enough to explore their interests at the Silver Lane Career Fair.

According to Silver Lane Principal Joseph LaBarbera, events like these have great potential for impact.

“Everybody has an experience some time when there young.  You have a teacher who changes your life or you go on a field trip and you’re like, this is what I want to do. The kids get an opportunity to get excited about different careers.”

These types of events are not about decisions; they’re about exposure.

Young school children are typically aware of only a relatively small number of occupations to which they are exposed — doctor, dentist, teacher, firefighter, police officer, and whatever it is their parents and relatives do to make a living. Learning about other occupations broadens their choices and increases the odds that they will be able to find suitable careers. As they get closer to having to prepare for them, they can narrow down their choices and even begin to take related courses once they are in middle school/high school.

Career fairs can also intersect with career readiness. At the Silver Lane Career Fair, some students were also participating in Dress For Success, so they were developing skills about self presentation and building confidence.

The Silver Lane Career Fair story is told in the video below. Interested in working with ReadyCT on career-connected learning initiatives? Learn more here.

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