At ReadyCT, we have designed and delivered several professional development series for school and district leaders. Why? Because leadership in education comes with a unique set of ever-changing challenges, and our education leaders are often left to figure it out for themselves. That hardly seems fair, and isolation like that is rarely effective.

In this article from Education Week, the author offers eight ideas on how principals can foster meaningful buy-in from their school staff: four things to do, and four things not to do. All educators can benefit by reviewing these ideas, but in the end what’s really needed is more support for principals, particularly our newest principals.

We continue to explore the possibility that Connecticut will develop a principal induction program — one that folds in the best practices of leadership used in business and industry.  Ideally, principal induction would also attract a diverse set of educators, bringing into the leadership ranks educators of color.

Of course, our efforts advocating for policies that advance academic excellence and career-connected learning will be most effective when informed by those most impacted, our public school educators. Please consider sharing your thoughts on principal induction and related education issues by emailing us at Your email can contain your ideas, or you can simply ask that we set up a time to speak.

We all believe education is the engine of opportunity. Help us fuel the engine!