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All Must Sacrifice for Education 

Hartford, Connecticut – Today, February 3, 2015, Governor Malloy gave his budget address for FY 2016-17. In response, Jeffrey Villar, Executive Director of the Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER), made the following statement:

“We are pleased that Governor Malloy continues to show support for education, even during a tight budget year. Since 2012, Governor Malloy has been an advocate for improving public education, and his proposal to protect the Education Cost Sharing grant during a time of great fiscal distress reflects a strong commitment to our schools and students.

“That said, the Governor’s budget also proposes reduced funding for Connecticut’s priority school districts. I have serious concerns about such a proposal because these cuts will specifically target Connecticut’s highest-need districts—precisely those who need funding the most.

“In addition, I worry about any cuts to the Connecticut State Department of Education, which is already struggling to establish the necessary capacity to monitor and assist public school districts. CCER fully recognizes that the state must make some tough choices this session. But much like a family that sacrifices to send a child to college, Connecticut needs to tighten its belt while investing in the education of its children.”

About the Connecticut Council for Education Reform

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER)–a statewide, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) not- for-profit organization–works to close the achievement gap and raise academic outcomes for all students in Connecticut. The achievement gap is the disparity in academic achievement between children from low-income families and children of color, and their peers. We advocate for state policies and local practices that research shows have the best chance of raising achievement for high-need student populations. For more information on CCER, go to