By Kate Ramunni

HAMDEN >> Hamden school officials are coming under fire for sharing information about students with a firm hired to assess the district’s performance and finances, with critics saying parents should have known what would be detailed about their children.

The firm, however, calls the claims “false and inflammatory.”…

‘It is a shame that the CEA is so determined to protect adults and the status quo that it would work against our efforts to make schools better for kids,’ he said in an emailed statement. ‘Worse, the statements released by the CEA are factually incorrect, and they know it. It is completely irresponsible for them to make these false and inflammatory statements. Although this is going to sound harsh, they (ought) to be ashamed of themselves.’

The information the district shared with them does not release the identities of any students, he said, and won’t be sold to any other organization.


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