By Gregory Hladky

HARTFORD – Connecticut’s largest teachers’ union is alleging that Hamden school officials have released private and potentially sensitive student data to an outside research organization, an accusation angrily denied by a top official of the research group…

Villar said the information obtained by the Connecticut Council for Education Reform from Hamden schools was used for an analysis to help the school system, and that none of the information could be used to identify any particular student. Villar said the confidentiality agreement with Hamden schools means none of the information can be sold or distributed without the school’s system’s approval.

‘I don’t know any more about any particular kid in Hamden now than I did before we did the work for Hamden,’ Villar said. ‘We were brought into this to support [CEA’s] position on a bill. … It was kind of a cheap shot, and they should apologize.’




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