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CCER Congratulates Crosby on Approval of Turnaround Plan

New Haven, Connecticut – Today, February 4th, the Connecticut State Board of Education (SBOE) approved a turnaround plan for Crosby High School in Waterbury. Crosby joined the second cohort of Commissioner’s Network Schools in 2013. These schools gain greater school-level flexibility and autonomy in exchange for additional state-level oversight, including the need to have their turnaround plans approved by the SBOE. In response to the SBOE’s approval of Crosby’s plan, CCER Executive Director Jeffrey Villar made the following statement:

“CCER congratulates both the Waterbury Board of Education and the Turnaround Office of the State Department of Education on getting this plan approved. They took a hard, honest look at the data, and developed a realistic school turnaround plan for Crosby High School.

“Turning around a school with a long history of low performance is very difficult work. I am pleased that the proposed plan seeks to address the needs of diverse learners; recognizes the need for a rigorous and engaging curriculum; promotes a positive school climate; and maintains a focus on parental engagement.

“I also applaud the State Board of Education for requiring the plan to focus on chronic absenteeism. Absenteeism is a fundamental problem in many low-performing schools, and any investment in school improvement is wasted if we cannot ensure that students are attending in the first place.

“It’s vitally important to the turnaround process that approvals of these plans not become merely a rubber stamp. By making sure that the Crosby plan was sound, the State Board of Education has demonstrated that it takes this process and this intervention framework very seriously. Now that this plan has been approved, it will be equally important for Crosby, the State Board of Education, and the State Department of Education to hold each other responsible for showing that real, measurable progress is being made. Connecticut’s students deserve nothing less.”


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