by Louisa Moller

Nearly a quarter of teacher evaluations will no longer be based on the results of one standardized test, a State council decided Thursday.

Currently, 22.5% of teacher evaluations are based on the results of one standardized test. Connecticut’s Performance Evaluation Council or PEAC recommended that teachers instead be rated on several standardized tests over the course of a year.

“How they’re doing on a test at the beginning of the year, and then a few months later, a few months after that, and that we’re looking at how students are growing academically,” Rep. Andy Fleischmann, (D) West Hartford.

Some education reform advocates say that the current evaluation system is balanced and question whether the move will work.

“What we’re most concerned about is having an accountability connection between teachers actions and student outcomes. We want to make sure that that remains in place, and that we continue to hold everyone, all the adults in the system accountable for student learning,” Dr. Jeffrey Villar, Executive Director of the Connecticut Council for Education Reform said.

The PEAC decision will not go forward until it is approved by the State Board of Education which will meet on May 7.

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