An early analysis of the 2013 CMT/CAPT student achievement data performed by CCER reveals disappointing results, while highlighting the need for continued, timely implementation of education reforms.

  • Achievement rates for all 3rd graders, regardless of income, have dropped in math, reading and writing. Worse, the 3rd grade achievement gap has increased because low-income students have lost more ground than their peers.
  • 8th grade CMT scores showed similar results, although the drops were less dramatic.
  • 10th grade results were marginally less disappointing. Both low-income students and their peers made modest achievement gains in math. However, the achievement gap for 10th graders widened slightly in math and reading, predominantly because non-low-income students are making gains while scores for low-income students remained stagnant.

Improving student achievement for all children, regardless of income, is imperative for the future of  Connecticut- for both social and economic reasons. In the face of these discouraging results, the challenge for parents, students, educators, boards of education, and legislators is to stay focused on successfully implementing the state’s education reform agenda so that we can make dramatic strides in student learning.

About the Connecticut Council for Education Reform

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER) is a statewide, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works to close the achievement gap and raise academic outcomes for all students in Connecticut. The achievement gap is the disparity in academic achievement between children from low-income families and children of color and their peers. We do our work primarily by advocating for state policies and state and local practices that research shows have the best chance of raising achievement for high-need student populations. We support reforms that advance best practices and innovations in education to ensure that every child has an exceptional education. Through public awareness, education, and engagement, we seek to broaden support for these efforts and affect long term sweeping change in the public education system. Our Board of Directors is comprised of prominent business and civic leaders who are deeply committed to our mission.


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