New Haven, Connecticut – The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER), today released the following statement in response to the budget passed by the Connecticut General Assembly.

CCER commends Governor Malloy and the Legislature for refusing to make detrimental cuts that would have taken education reform back to Square One. By sustaining the funding for implementation of the historic education reform legislation that was passed last year, state leaders have shown their dedication to improving the public education system in the state and giving educators the support needed to help close Connecticut’s achievement gap.

In the midst of budget woes, state leaders across the country have to make tough decisions. In some states funding for education reforms is being cut – but not in Connecticut.
Going forward, we all need to make sure these reforms are implemented fully, and on time.  Our children are depending upon us.

About the Connecticut Council for Education Reform

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform (CCER) is a statewide, non-partisan, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works to close the achievement gap and raise academic outcomes for all students in Connecticut. The achievement gap is the disparity in academic achievement between children from low-income families and children of color and their peers. We do our work primarily by advocating for state policies and state and local practices that research shows have the best chance of raising achievement for high-need student populations. We support reforms that advance best practices and innovations in education to ensure that every child has an exceptional education. Through public awareness, education, and engagement, we seek to broaden support for these efforts and affect long term sweeping change in the public education system. Our Board of Directors is comprised of prominent business and civic leaders who are deeply committed to our mission.


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