“We have achieved change, and our children will benefit.” – Governor Dannel P. Malloy

The Connecticut Council for Education Reform applauds Governor Malloy for his leadership in delivering on his six education reform principles that were outlined in December, and for truly making 2012 the year of education reform.  Due to the tireless efforts and leadership of Governor Malloy, Commissioner Pryor and Connecticut legislators, an education reform bill that will support teachers’ development and provide students with effective teachers, increase Pre-K slots, build a framework for meaningful intervention in our lowest-achieving schools, and establish a statewide common chart of accounts, was passed by the General Assembly tonight.

Governor Malloy and Commissioner Pryor deserve tremendous credit for leading the charge on this legislation.  The immediate beneficiaries of this landmark education reform package will be the more than 550,000 Connecticut students. Connecticut should be proud that its legislators and citizens have exhibited such a firm commitment to, and unwavering support of, the best interests of Connecticut’s students. These bold reforms will also make significant strides towards putting Connecticut back on track to being nationally recognized for its educational leadership and innovation, and will also increase Connecticut’s economic competitiveness on a national and global scale. We applaud Governor Malloy, Commissioner Pryor and Connecticut’s legislators for recognizing that our students’ families and communities deserve nothing less than excellence, and for taking bold action on their behalf.

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