Rae Ann Knopf, Executive Director of the Connecticut Council for Education Reform

We at the Connecticut Council for Education Reform applaud Governor Malloy for acting swiftly to eliminate unnecessary barriers faced by Boards of Education and Superintendents as they work to place the most effective

teachers and principals in our schools. Revising Connecticut’s teacher certification and employment policies as Malloy has proposed will facilitate the raising of student achievement by helping to ensure that we have great teachers and leaders working side-by-side on behalf of Connecticut’s children.

Similarly, creating flexibility in support of reciprocity with other states will open the doors for Connecticut schools to attract the best and brightest from across the country. These most recent proposals are highly aligned with many of CCER’s 65+ policy recommendations on how to close Connecticut’s achievement gap while raising academic excellence for all students.  The momentum is truly building for meaningful education reform in Connecticut this year and we salute Governor Malloy and his administration for leading the way.