NEW HAVEN, CT – “The Connecticut Council for Education Reform commends Governor Malloy for addressing early childhood education as part of his comprehensive plan for the reform of Connecticut’s education system. Recent estimates indicate that each year on average, 9,000 low-income three- and four-year olds in Connecticut do not have access to high-quality preschool. Given the substantial short and long-term positive benefits of preschool for all children, but in particular low-income children, the Council recommends that Connecticut, using a multi-year phase-in process, provide sufficient funding for all low-income three- and four-year olds to attend a high-quality preschool program. We also propose that the state require and fund all-day kindergarten in all priority school districts. The consequences of the lack of high-quality early childhood education for low-income students are very apparent. By the time they reach the fourth grade, Connecticut’s low-income students are, on average, more than 3-grade levels behind in reading than their wealthier peers. As representatives of our state’s business and civic voice for education reform, we know that the status quo is not working and must be changed now. Every child in Connecticut deserves an exceptional education and we look forward to working with the Malloy Administration and the Legislature to make this a reality for all of the state’s students.”

Rae Ann Knopf
Executive Director
Connecticut Council for Education Reform