By Jacqueline Rabe Thomas

Business leaders offered a simple, if politically sensitive suggestion Thursday on how to pay for many of the things needed to improve education in the state: link the laundry list of grants that the state dishes out each year to performance…

‘It is time to gather the will to fundamentally assess whether we are spending our dollars in the right areas to drive educational attainment,’ Ramani Ayer, the retired leader of The Hartford insurance company, said when releasing the Connecticut Council for Education Reform’s recommendations.

As proof that the education systems in many states are doing a better job while spending less, Ayer pointed to a recent national report card highlighting that Connecticut spends more for each student than almost every other state after factoring in the region’s higher cost of living. Education Week reported that $13,959 is spent educating each student in the state compared with the $11,665 national average.

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