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Impact Report 2022-23

There are over 500,000 students enrolled in the Connecticut public school system. Each one of them is deserving of an education that positions them for success.

Leveraging both direct programming and policy advocacy, ReadyCT works to ensure every student can thrive in ways that keep pace with the modern world. 

  • Regarding programming, ReadyCT, embeds team members in schools to design and deliver work-based learning opportunities for students so that classroom instruction is made immediately relevant to career possibiities. Jump To Video: Career-Connected Opportunities!
  • Regarding policy, ReadyCT works in collaboration with a range of stakeholders — including educators and business partners — to advance legislation that amplifies Connecticut’s public school system.

In all events, the focus is on providing opportunity and access to low-income and minority students whose academic performance traditionally trails their more affluent peers. 

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The Student, Employer, and Educator Experience

“Through the opportunities provided by ReadyCT during my high school years, I learned what I wanted to pursue and gained the knowledge I needed to make a decision about my career path.”

Asia Hamilton
Weaver HS ’23

“ReadyCT’s programs are very informative. My favorite part of them is the opportunity to hear guest speakers from different backgrounds and careers. It showed how success can look different for everyone.”

Davohn Womack
Pathways Academy ’26

“Students are learning essential skills that not only prepare them for their personal and professional careers but also empower them to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world applications.”

Flora Padro
Hartford Public HS, Principal

“In our efforts to enhance our company’s talent pipeline, we have partnered with ReadyCT, who have provided us well-prepared and highly motivated interns.”

Brian Fries
Atlantic Precision Spring, Inc., President



Career-connected learning works best when designed in collaboration with business, civic and education leaders.

Cross-sector input serves to enhance and expand opportunities for students. For example, what academic pathways are needed to address workforce needs? What skills do students need to succeed in college, career and life? Our partners inform these answers.

Career-Connected Learning

We envision a Connecticut public education system that provides access and opportunity to all through inspired learning.

Your partnership in this work is critical. 

As a practical matter, most high school students have a minimal understanding of what’s available to them following high school graduation. That list is more than just college or workforce entry. It includes credentialing, apprenticeship, military service, and on-the-job training. Moreover, students often lack insight into the wide array of options within any given business sector in Connecticut’s high-growth, high-demand industries (healthcare, information technology, insurance and financial services, and manufacturing).

By supporting ReadyCT — with a gift of treasure or time — you become part of the constellation needed to help students build their skills, identity, and social capital. Your support also complements, in the most tangible ways, the coursework offered to students by Connecticut teachers. Even though our educators are among in the best in the nation, they cannot bridge the transition from classroom to career by themselves. 

Partnering with ReadyCT is an investment in students who will one day soon join the Connecticut workforce and contribute to growing the state’s economy.

Let’s work together to make them – and our state – ready.

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Our Mission

To advance academic excellence and career-connected learning for all public school students in Connecticut through collaboration with business, civic and education leaders.

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