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Our Plan

There are 530,612 students enrolled in the Connecticut public school system. Each one of them is deserving of an education that positions them for success.

ReadyCT – committed to advancing academic excellence and career-connected learning for our students – pursues policy opportunities and education program delivery in support of student achievement, with a focus on low-income and minority students whose academic performance traditionally trails their more affluent peers. We continue to explore ways to close that gap while also reshaping the definition of success for all students in ways that keep pace with our modern world.

Since 2011, with your help we have tallied policy gains that help to advance the effort.

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A major roadblock to improving public education continues to be Connecticut’s fiscal reality.

Consecutive years of state budget deficits have diminished Connecticut State Department of Education resources. Although there are signs of short-term budget stability, nothing is certain.

By supporting ReadyCT, you are part of a response that will not deny any student a quality public education. Your gift can impact over half a million Connecticut public school students — the very same students who will ultimately join our workforce and contribute to growing our state’s economy. Let’s work together to make them – and our state – ready.

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We envision a Connecticut public education system that provides access and opportunity to all through inspired learning.

About Us

ReadyCT Advocacy: Coverage of 2019 Computer Science Legislation that Mandates CS Instruction in Connecticut Public Schools. ReadyCT was a champion of this effort! 

Career-connected learning works best when designed in collaboration with business, civic and education leaders.

Cross-sector input serves to enhance and expand opportunities for students. For example, what academic pathways are needed to address workforce needs? What skills do students need to succeed in college, career and life? Our partners inform these answers.

Career-Connected Learning

Not surprisingly, the advances we make for students are often newsworthy.

From stories that cover our involvement in advancing legislation that creates new content areas to programs that promote individual student success, you can find us in the news from time to time.

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Our Mission

To advance academic excellence and career-connected learning for all public school students in Connecticut through collaboration with business, civic and education leaders.

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